When will the FAU-G Game release and who is making this game? Know full information:

Admin, Thursday, October 22, 2020
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When will the FAU-G Game release and who is making this game? Know full information:Hello and Welcome Friends, your friend Bhavesh and today I have brought a lot of good information for you. Friends, as you all know, Pabji has become a beast in India. This game has been banned due to the threat to our privacy. After Pabji becomes Ben, all the people who play Pabji are upset. Now who can play a game like Pabji, like this, entertainment and entertainment will be found in which game. Friends, there is nothing to worry because, with the support of our honorable PM Narendra Modi’s mission self-reliant India, now Encour Gaming Company which is in Bangalore has started making FAU-G games. This game will also be fun like Pabji and you will enjoy playing. So friends, I am going to give you some information related to this game. Is this game Indian or not? Who is making this game? Who are investing in it? How will this game be? And when will this game be released? FAU-G Game Release 

Who is involved in making the FUG-G game?

Friends, you all must know that Akshay Kumar sir first put the poster of this game on Twitter. Friends, the brand ambassador of this game is probably Akshay Kumar. Investor of this game is Vishal Gondal. This game is being made by Encour Games Company. By visiting the official page of this game, it is seen that the entire team making this game is Indian. All of its members are from India. Then there is no doubt that this game is from India only. But friends, by visiting its official page, it has come to know that rovio company is also investing in this game. Friends, this is the same company that made the Angrybird game. But yes friends, this company is not Chinese. This company is a company of Finland. Which is a very big company and if such a big company is investing in our country’s game then this game will be good.

How is the FUG-G game ?: –

The full name of the Friends FUG-G game is Fearless and United Guards. Friends, this game is going to be launched in India soon. This game is made over the Indian Army. In this game you will get to see gaming on the battle of Galvan. In which 20 soldiers were martyred. Friends, this game may not be a battle game in the first beta version, but with further updates, it will also become a game with a different twist map and good event like a fantastic puzzle. Friends, the Indian Army is going to earn 20 percent of this game. Friends, after reading all this you will know that this game belongs to India and who is making and who is investing and how is this game, now we talk about its launch date.

FUG-G Game Launch Date: –

Friends, at the moment its confirmed launch date was not revealed but perhaps this game will be launched in the end of October this year. So friends, if you like this information, then do lion with your friends and family.

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