What Is Free Fire Game, Who Is The Owner This Game And Which Country Made This Game

Admin, Sunday, September 20, 2020
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What Is Free Fire Game, Who Is The Owner This Game And Which Country Made This Game – Hello friends how are you all?  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we will give you a very interesting information in this article.  If you are also fond of games and you like to play new games, then our article today is just for you because today we will tell you about a very popular game FreeFire.  

Today we will tell you in our article what is the freefire game and who is the owner of the free fire game? ,  we will also tell you in which country the freefire game was developed?  If you want to get all the information about this game, then read the article till the last.

 Friends, you all will know about free fire games.  It is absolutely true that there is a lot of craze for the Battle game in India and people like to play the game with adventure, FreeFire is also an adventure-filled game, in this game you have to get down to 50 team mamber in the field and  You have to serve. 

Friends, when the game of Pubji game was launched a few days ago, the craze of PUBG has increased so much in the minds of people that people used to play Pabji game all day.  

The PUBG game was a very popular game, but as you all know that due to some confidential reasons, the Government of India has now banned the PUBG game.  Because of this, people are looking for an alternative application of the PUBG game.

 Freefire game is exactly the same as inPUBG game.  in the same way that you land on the field with 50 soldiers in Pabji and Survive, in the same way you have to get into the field in the free fire game and serve.  FreeFire application is so popular that it has been downloaded by millions of people. 

 Friends, if you do not even know in which country the free fire game was developed and who is the owner of the freefire game? don’t worry because today we will give you every information related to the free fire game in this article, we will tell in which country the free fire game was developed and who is the owner of the free fire game, if you also want to know all these information, then read the article carefully.

 When And In Which Country Did The Free Fire Game Develop?

 Free fire game is a game developed in Singapore.  This game was made in the year 2009.  When the game was initially launched, it was not so popular, but as people started to know about it, the popularity of the game increased and the time is such that crores of people have  Downloaded the game,

 Friends Free Fire Game is developed by an application company named Gorina.  It is a very prestigious company. This company has developed more than 30 gaming applications so far, which are very popular.

 Who Owner Free Fire Games?

 Friends, all of you would like to know who is the owner of such a popular game, if you do not know, then let me tell you that the owner of Free Fire Game is forrest li, this forest li is not only the owner of Free Fire Game but  also the chairman of the company, Forrest Lee serving as chief executive officer at his Girina company.

 Friends, all of you must be wondering how this game was developed?  In fact, Forest Lee suddenly got the idea to make an adventure game one day, after which he prepared the entire plan of this game, after preparing the game plan, he discusd about this game from several seniors of his company and they  Started making the game. 

After a few years of hard work, the engineer compiled this game and launched it on the internet. A few years after the launch, the game started earning in the millions.

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 This was a small information for you, today we told you about the free fire game and gave information about the owner of this game.  We hope you like this information, if you want to get other similar information, then read our article regularly.  Thanks a lot

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