Top Horror Game – Play Game With Ghost

Admin, Thursday, September 3, 2020
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Top Horror Game – Play Game With Ghost – Hello friends how are you?  I hope you all will fine ..Friends today i am going to give you a very fantastic information.  In today’s article i will tell you about some horror games and if you also like to play a horror games so please read article till last.

Everyone loves to play friends games. Whenever we have finished our work and are getting bored, then everyone likes to play games. Most people play games like car racing, temple run bike racing, friends if you too Tired of playing games like these and want to play a new game, today we will tell you about playing some ghost games, if you too like adventure then you can play these ghostly games। 

Closet Game

Friendsh this is a very dangerous game this game is full form horror . Some people says that this game is the way of convention with ghost.  In this game you have to to take a candle in your hand and you need to say ” leave me in dark leave me in dark”  when you say this word so you feel a ghost behind you.  friends this game is really very dangerous.

Bloody Mary Game

Friends this game is really very horror.  In this game you have to play with a girl the girl invite you to marry with her. This game is fully covered by adventure and horror scenes.

Midnight Game

Friends the scientist says that those person play this game who definitely get mental , because this game is very popular haunted game.  In this game you have to protect yourself from a ghost.  the ghost try  to catch you before 3:33 am.

Daruma Sum

This is a Japanese game.  in this game you have to call a ghost and the ghost follow you every time you have to spend your day a with ghost.

Three Kings

 Friends many people says that , with the use of this game you can connect with other world.  In this game you will see many horror equipment like chair,candle,mirror and you have to survive with a ghost.

these are some popular horror games, if you want to try something new so I recommend you that to please play these games one time.

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Friends this article is ends here , In today’s article i told you about some horror games. I definitely sure that you will play this games if you want to more informations like gaming technology and other matters so please connect with us.

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