Top 5 PUBG Alternative game in 2022

Admin, Monday, September 6, 2021
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Top 5 PUBG Alternative game in 2022 – Friends, today I am going to tell you about Top 5 PUBG Alternative game. Friends, in today’s time everyone likes to play PUBG. But due to the ban of PUBG, people are not able to play it. That is why today I will tell you the alternative games of PUBG game. Inside which you can pass your time. And these are also like PUBG. So let’s see, Top 5 PUBG Alternative game in 2022.

Free Fire: Battlegrounds

Friends, Free Fire is the best and strong alternative game of PUBG. Inside it you get to see a lot of similar things. Inside it too, you have to kill your enemies and at the same time follow the rules of the game. The only difference is that it runs faster than PUBG and only has 50 players in a single match. And in this its maps are smaller than PUBG map, this game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people so far. And you can also download it, you will easily find it on play store.

Call of Duty Mobile

Friends, this is also a very good game, and recently now it has also been launched for Android. Inside it you get to see the modern bar. And it is also called COD mobile in shortcut. Guys this is a multiplayer game. And inside it you get to see many modes. You can also play this game like PUBG. Inside it also you can carry out missions with your friends. And you can also play with random player in it, this game has also made many records. Its graphics are also very good, and realistic feel is seen, you can download it from Play Store to play it.

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Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

Friends, this game is a survival study game, if you are tired of playing PUBG game. So you must try this game once. Because this game has been made by Hero Games. And inside it you will get to see maps like PUBG and its graphic is quite amazing. And it is also a lot of fun to play games in it, its controlling system is quite different, and this game was launched in 2018. And its size is also very less, you can download it from play store.

Knives Out: No Rules, Just Fight

Friends, this game is considered better than PUBG in some things. Because inside it you get to see all kinds of services. Even inside this, you are sent to a city through a plane. And then there you have to loot and kill the flashes just like in PUBG. And if you survive in it till the last. If you stand till the last, then you also get to see many gifts in it. You can still team up in it and 100 players can take part in a game. And among them there is only one left. You can also easily download it from play store.

Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Friends, this is a very good offline game, it is a bit like Free Fire. And inside it you get to see many modes. And this game has been made by Indian developer, you must try it, inside it you get to see Battlefield. And you also get a lot of Survive things inside it, you must try it by downloading it from Play Store.


So friends, this was the Top 5 PUBG Alternative game in 2022, you can also enjoy these games by downloading them.


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