Top 5 Games To Connect Your Friends in Lock Down.

Admin, Saturday, April 18, 2020
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If you find yourself sitting at home full of boredom all day, then you can play games with your family. Today we tell you about some mobile game games that can play together with your family members and friends.

In India too, people are sitting at home after adopting self-isolation, the government has implemented a lock-down in the entire country, so everyone knows that it is good for everyone to sit in their homes to protect themselves from the corona virus infection. This is the biggest solution with home and family.

Top 5 Games To Connect Your Friends in Lock Down.

#1 Psych !:

This mobile game is a very interesting multiplayer party game. Psych I have a lot of minigames that are given a set of all questions and you fool other players by convincing others of the formulas you give.

#2 Table Tennis Touch Table:

Table Tennis is a fun ping pong game that you can play on a smart phone. It has simple but great graphics as well as very easy control of Spice and the option of local time multiplayer matches. You can challenge your friends. Can also give.

#3 The Battle of Polytopia:

The Battle of Polytopia is a worldbuilding strategy game. In this game you lead your klein to a small village and turn it into a powerful kingdom over time. This game is easy to learn but in It is very difficult to become a master.

#4 Bonus Best Pad Mobile Games:

Coolpad is also a mobile game that is even more fun to play but it is not available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, for these you have to pay a little price Exploding Keaton and Endemic are also great fun games. Exploding Kittens is available at Google Play Store for ₹ 130 and at Apple Store for ₹ 159.


We talk about game Pubg Game not talk its not about ya. this is the best game ever time for spend a time and you can get friends in touch so its all time Favourite Game for Game lover.

So Friends this is the game list for connected with your friends all time if u like this information please share your friends and family take care and stay home in lock down thank u.

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