Stranger Things 3 For Game Lovers Now Available on iOS and Android

Admin, Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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It was written in the tweet that “The wait is OVER! Stranger Things 3: The Game is now available on iOS and Android! ”This means that the wait for people playing the Stranger Things 3 game on a smartphone is over. The game is now available on iOS and Android. . The price of this game is Rs 350 for iOS in India and Rs 420 for Android.

Talking about the specifications to play this game, it does not require much high specifications. All smartphones running Android 4.4 KitKat or above operating system will support this game. The game supports all devices running the iOS 11 operating system on iPhones, iPads and iPods. The game is a retro-style game that follows the events of the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Earlier we told you that this game will be a simulator like Pokémon GO, developed by Finnish developer Next Games.

Pokémon Masters Game Achieved 10 Million Downloads in Less Than a Week

We gave you information about Pokémon Masters, the new game of Pokémon a few days ago. Now information about a new record of this game has been revealed. The game has achieved 10 million downloads in less than a week. This download figure is combined with both Android and iOS. Even though this figure is a combination of Android and iOS, but still this figure is quite impressive. The game went live on August 29 for both Android and iOS. The game was released on 29 August worldwide including India.

The pre-registration phase of the game started a month before the game’s launch. Some popular characters like Brock and Misty have been introduced in this game. These are old Kanto Gym leaders and trainers.

The company has set the new game in Iceland where the Pokémon Masters League is held. This game is slightly different from other games where each trainer gets only one Pokémon and can make a pair. Pokémon Masters is co-produced with The Pokémon Company and DeNA’s Collaboration. The company had already given much information about this game through tees. The game begins with registration. After registering you can also keep your player’s nickname and they will get Poryphone after that.

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