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Admin, Friday, November 11, 2022
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Rummy Queen APK Download | Rummy Queen App Download | SignUp Bonus Rs-50 : Hello friends how are you all? I hope you all are healthy. Friends, as you know, we keep on bringing information about the best Teen Patti Application for you from time to time. That is why today we have once again brought information about another teen Patti game in front of you. The name of this teen Patti game is Rummy Queen APK. I claim if you know about this application once, then you will start investing money on this application immediately.

Detailed information related to Rummy Queen APK is given below. If you want complete information about this application, then read the information given below very carefully.

About Rummy Queen APK

Rummy Queen APK is a very reliable teen Patti game launched last month. So far more than 5 lakh people have downloaded this application and created their account in it. If you read the user reviews of this application, then you will get to see a lot of positive response there.

Inside this application you will find different ways to earn money. If you create your account in this application through your mobile number then you get a bonus of ₹ 51. Even if you become a VIP member on this application, you get cashback of thousands of rupees. If you want to earn more money from this application then you can earn thousands of rupees from any bonus like Daily Bonus Monthly Bonus Login Bonus.

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How To Download Rummy Queen Apk?

Friends, I know that many of you would like to download this application from me. If you want to download this application then you can use the link given below.

If you download all the application from the link given below, then I guarantee you will get the original Rummy Queen APK only. But if you download this application from any other website then you will download a fake application.

How To SignUp In Rummy Queen Application?

Friends, when you download Rummy Queen APK, then you have to sign up for it. We are telling you below about the necessary steps to sign up inside this application.

  • To sign up inside the application, you go to the home page and click on the sign up button.
  • After this you select the option Sign up with mobile number and enter your mobile number.
  • Click on the button with Get OTP. After that enter your 6 digit OTP password.
  • Generate User ID and Password and click on Save Details button. By doing this your account will be created inside Rummy Queen APK and you will get a bonus of ₹ 51 immediately.

Available Game’s In Rummy Queen

Many people think that they will find more than a dozen games inside Rummy Queen APK. Seventh let me tell you if you are thinking like this then you are absolutely wrong. Because inside this application you will be given only three types of games.

But I claim that whatever 3 games are being given to you, that day is very much fun and you will get full interest in playing them. The names of these games are given in the list below.

  1. Teen Patti Game
  2. Point Rummy
  3. 777 Fruit Dynasty

How To Add Money In Rummy Queen App?

The user interface of this application is slightly different, so you may have some confusion in adding money to it. But if you add money to Rummy Queen APK in the following way, then you will not have any confusion.

  • The easiest way to add money to this application is to first go to the home page.
  • After this, click on the button named Add Money which you see in the top corner.
  • After that enter the amount and click on Next button.
  • After this, by clicking on the Add Bank Account button, enter your bank details and add your bank account.
  • Now confirm your payment by clicking on the Confirm Payment button.
  • I would like to tell you that the minimum limit for adding money inside Rummy Queen APK is ₹ 100, so you can only add more than ₹ 100.

How To Withdraw Cash From Rummy Queen Apk?

So come friends, we just told you how to add money inside Rummy Queen APK? Now we will tell you how to transfer money earned on Rummy Queen APK to your bank account? To know this, you have to read the details given below carefully.

  • To do your withdrawal, you are given an option called Cash Withdrawal. First you click on it.
  • After this fill the amount more than ₹ 100 and go to the Next button.
  • Go to the Receive Bank Account option and fill in the details of any of your banks. Remember, the bank whose details you fill, your money will be transferred to the same bank account.
  • And after that you click on the Proceed Payment button.
  • After doing this your withdrawal on Rummy Queen APK will be successful within about 2 hours.

How To Earn Money From Refer And Earn Program?

Friends, now we are going to tell you such a way of Rummy Queen APK, in which way you can earn money by referring this application.

  • To earn money by referring this application you just have to fulfill the below given conditions.
  • First of all you have to go to home page of Rummy Queen APK and click on Invite friend button.
  • Now after this you have to invite your friends to download Rummy Queen APK through the invite link.
  • I would advise you to personally ask all the people you have invited on this application to download this application.
  • When a person downloads the correct Rummy Queen APK from any link of your share, you will get a bonus of ₹ 50 and a commission of 30 percent. In this way, the more people you invite to download Rummy Queen APK in 1 month, the more your income will increase.

First Recharge Offer’s In Queen Rummy App

Friends, I would like to tell you that first recharge offer is also run for its customers inside Rummy Queen APK. This is such an offer in which if you add money then you get to see a lot of cashback.

If you are a new customer on Rummy Queen APK and you are adding money for the first time then you get to see cashback of 50% 100% and sometimes up to 200%. That’s why you try to add maximum amount in the first recharge.

Activate VIP Bonus Features And Get Unlimited Free Bonus

Friends, if you activate the VIP bonus within the application, then you can increase your income by about 20%. Because VIP Bonus is such a bonus in which you get a profit of about ₹ 20000 in a month.

You can activate any VIP pack by purchasing it keeping in mind your budget. Hapur can also activate VIP pack of minimum ₹ 500 and maximum ₹ 100000.

Daily Bonus Features In Queen Rummy APK

Daily bonus is available for all of you users for logging into this gaming application every day. You can get free bonus by logging into this gaming application every day. Through the free bonus you get under Daily Bonus features, you can earn more by playing free games. Not only this, in this gaming application, you are given a free bonus ranging from 10 paise to ₹ 10 every day for logging in.

Is Rummy Queen APK Safe

Rummy Queen APK has been downloaded by more than 500000 users so far. Not only this, all the users get time to time payment withdrawal in this gaming application. In the present time millions of users are earning thousands of rupees of online games through this application and are taking payment withdrawal successfully. So all of you users can download this application immediately to earn money by playing online games.

Customer Support

Come friends, now we also explain to you about their customer care program. The customer care facility inside Rummy Queen APK is kept completely free. The facility of customer care is provided so that if you use this application and you have any confusion then you can clear your doubts by contacting customer care.

But friends keep one thing in mind, the time to talk to the customer care has been fixed from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Note: This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So my request to all of you users is to play this game at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you have any kind of financial loss on this oath, then you yourself will be responsible for it. In case of financial loss, you cannot make any claim against us on our team and website owner.


Friends, that’s all for today. Today we have told you about Rummy Queen APK. We told you what is Rummy Queen APK? What is Rummy Queen APK used for? How to earn money with Rummy Queen APK? From adding money to withdrawing money in Rummy Queen APK, we have given you complete information.

If you want to get similar information in future also, then you should turn on the notification. Thank you for staying with us till the end

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