Pubg an in india How to Download Pubg mobile?

Admin, Wednesday, October 7, 2020
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Pubg Ban in india How to Download Pubg mobile? :- Hello and friends, I am your friend Bhavesh and today I have brought a lot of good information for you and especially for our PUBG lover friends, this information will be very special because today you will get PUBG MOBILE BEN HOW I can tell you today. Like you guys know that in our country of India we have got a pub mobile game made. And more recently, 118 apps have been banned. There is also every pubg mobile game. Before this Tektok was also ben. Pabji and Tiktok were quite famous. After Friends Tiktok, now PUBG Mobile is also gone. PubG has also been removed from the Playstore. Friends, this is very bad news for those who play PUBG. After this, Ben Ho said how to play PUBG mobile game on his phone. I will tell you this Friends, look, even after becoming Ben, this information will be special for them. Friends, if I agree then playing after Ben is a bad thing. Good if you don’t play But even then, if you cannot live without playing, you are having a very boring feeling and you want to play, then read this post completely. Pubg an in india How to Download Pubg mobile?

How to play PUBG after being ben ?: –

After all this information, I am going to tell you that you can play this game in India after being ben? You can now play PubG Mobile on your phone. But when this game is completely lost then we cannot play. Now after this we have the option of vpn. We can play using vpn. But you may have trouble playing with vpn because if you use vpn then when your internet lost the connection of the game, do not know friends, the connection can be lost anytime. So you will not enjoy playing the game with vpn. If you use vpn and play the game then the game will start but later on it can be completely ben. So, this is the only way to download the Korean version of PUBG. To play pubji mobile game you will have to go to google and search pubg mobile korean version. While searching, the first website will appear at the top of you, ling mobile kr.en, you will have written something like this, you have to go to that website and download the Korean version, the file will be about 2 GB. After downloading it, you have to go to your file manager and download the file of Corian version. Check his name correctly or rename it. After downloading the z archiver, open it and extract the file you have downloaded the Corian version. After that you will see the new folder created, copy the file containing the data from it and go to your Android folder and you will see the folder of obb, and you have to paste it into it. And in the new folder that was created in the extracted file, you will find the app of this game and install it as well. And then you can play pubji mobile game. So friends, if you like this information, then do lion with your friends and family.

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Conclusions: –

Friends, if you find a mistake in the post, please inform in the comment. And for such fun information, bookmark the website.

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