PS4 Upgrade patch notes Show new feature

Admin, Friday, August 9, 2019
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PS4 upgrade 7.00 is your upcoming significant firmware patch for your PlayStaton 4.

Beta invites have been shipped out by Sony to get PS4 lovers seeking to try out PS4 upgrade 7.00.

And the beta trailer is outside a helpful new feature included with PS4 firmware 7.00 was shown by the ones that have analyzed the program.

The feature that is helpful can help PS4 users fine tune the HDR calibration once the image is dim and hard to find out what is happening.

Another published:”Had difficulty using Tomb Raider’s HDR. Everything was dim. Hopefully this helps”

One added:”This really is a significant game changer for all those who have Oled TVs. No longer’equilibrium’ jokes. Sony knocked this one from the playground”.

And yet another wrote:”I had been so pleased to find this. It really fixed my problem with Madden 20 being overly dark.”

PS4 firmware upgrade 7.00 will also incorporate additional features like raising the celebration size to 16.

Voice chat caliber will be enhanced with the launch of this PlayStation download.

If you have been sent a PS4 beta invitation and among your buddies is currently seeking to try out out the software then you are in luck.

A beta invitation may be used 20 days, therefore PS4 users may use 1 code to try the PlayStation patch that was important.

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