How to Play Clash of Clans Android Game

Admin, Tuesday, November 10, 2020
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How to Play Clash of Clans :- Hello and Welcome Friends, your friend Bhavesh and today I will tell you about a game which is very big and long. You will not take months but years to play while playing. And how you come forward, you will enjoy playing it even more. Friends, in this game you can also play in your friend circle. So friends, this is the name of the game. Clash of Klein’s Friends This is a very fun game. If you have played High Day game or Clash Royal game then you will be able to play this game easily. In this post I will give you all the information about how to play this game, to know all about this game, you will have to read this post completely. Play Clash of Clans 

Friends, I will tell you this post today

1 How to download How to Clash of Clans ?

2 How to play this game?

3 How to login to this game?

4 Who should use Gold, Elixer, and Dark Elixer?

5 How to train your army?

6 How to increase your army?

7 How to increase storage?

How to open 8 new Troops?

How to create 9 Super Troops?

10 What are the modes in this game?

11 How to get James and use it?

(1): – How to download this game ?: –

Friends, to download this game, you have to go to the playstore and you will have to search in the search bar and clash of clans and you will have this game in front of you and you have to download it. Friends, this game is rated 4.5. And 500M + is its download.

(2): – How to play this game?: –

Friends, after downloading this game, you have to open, you will first get some animation, which is telling you welcome. And gives some basic information about this game. The game will progress as you touch and you will be asked to buy a canon. And that canon will be put in your village, to finish this work, you will be told to James Deno, do not give James because he will be James. Then two or three goblins will come to your village to attend, but because you have installed a cannon, they will not be successful. Then you will be asked to enter his village and you will also be guided. You will find Wizard Troops in it. You have to come back to your home village after doing this. And then with James’s help you have to buy a builder. With the help of Or Gold, the Elixar collector has to buy. And also have to buy an Elixer storage and a barrax so that you can open your new Troops. And then you will be asked to train the army and will have to wait on one side. After this you will be asked to write your name Write down what you want to write. Friends, all this process will be done by guiding you.

(3): – How to login to this game: –

Friends, after starting this game, you have to go to the settings and on that you will get the option of Google Play signup, from there you have to login through Gmail. On the top, you will get the option of Supercell login, so you have to login with Supercell from this same Gmail and then you will not be afraid of losing your ID.

(4): – With the help of the gold we get in this, we can buy and update the defense and update the Elixar storage and collector. With the help of Elixer, they can update the army camp, it is used to build an army and it helps to level up the army. You can also update the Grand Warden. And we get to see Dark Elixer from Town Hall 7, so that we can build Dark Army and you can level them. And update the hero.

(5): – How to train your army ?: –

Friends, in order to train your army, you will get the option to train on the option of Attake and there you can train.

(6): – How to increase your army ?: –

You have to update your army camp to increase the number of your army.

(7): – How to increase storage?: –

To increase your storage, you will have to buy all the storage and update them maximum.

(8): – How to open new Troops?: –

Friends, you have to update the barracks to open new Troops. As you update, new Troops will be opened. If you reach all the barracks to the maximum level, then the time of your army train will also be reduced.

(9): – How to make Super Troops?: –

Option of Friends Super Troops comes from Town Hall 11. And the level requirements for the given Troops in it should be our Troops of the level. And then we can make it with the help of Dark Elixer.

(10): – What are the turns in this game?: –

Friends, in this game, we get to see many diversions like Klein War, Klein War League, Klein Game, Builder Base, Legends League, Practice Mode, and Event.

(11): – How to get James and use it?

Friends, you will get James as you play the game and complete the achievement. And as you raise your trophy, you will get James. For example, 1250 trophies will meet. See you for trophy 2000. The 2600 trophy will get 1000 gems. And if you do 3200 trophy, you will get 2000 gems. And in the war you will meet the star, too. And you will have to use it to buy the builder first. Only after having five builders will you be better if you use James in other work. So friends, if you like this information, then do lion with your friends and family.Best Website For Playing Online Games.

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Friends, if you find fault on somewhere, then please inform in the comment. Friends, in the information about this game, I will give it to you in the next post, so do bookmark the website. Thank you

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