How to Play Carrom Board in Android Smartphone ?

Admin, Sunday, May 2, 2021
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How to play carrom board in android smartphone ? – Today we are going to give you information on a very interesting topic. We are going to tell you what is a carrom board game? How to play Carrom board game on Android mobile? If you want to get this fun information and want to play carrom board using your Android mobile, read the article till the last. We will tell you some easy steps. By following these steps, you can play carrom board game in mobile phone.

The craze of mobile games is increasing day by day in the minds of people, that is why a lot of mobile games have been developed today. If you look in the internet today, you will get to see more than 10000 mobile games which you can install and play in your phone.

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As you all know, there is a lockdown situation in the country at the present time. All office business is closed due to which people are staying at home. There is only one way to pass time at home and that is a mobile game. Generally, more than half of the mobile games available in the Internet today are from such mobile games about which our family members do not know. Due to lack of information, we cannot play this mobile game with our family members.

If you want to play such a mobile game, you also have knowledge about it and your family also has knowledge, then you can play carrom board game. Carrom Board is a very popular and old game. In earlier times it was an offline game, but now you can enjoy the carrom board game on your smartphone. We all know about carrom board games. We all have played this game in childhood.

What is a carrom board game ?

Carrom is a very fun game. This game consists of a wooden board. This board has a hole at all four corners. There are lots of pieces in the middle of the board. The number of these pieces is about 40. These pieces are of two colors, black and yellow.

You have to strike the pieces placed in the middle of the board with the help of a striker. You have to stab these pieces in the carrom hole in front of you. Each carot of carom is given a different score. The yellow piece is of 20 points and the black piece is of 10 digits.

In the last, the person who puts the lotus in his or her front carrom hole is declared a winner. This is a very fun game. It is not possible to know when 2 or 3 hours have elapsed while playing this game.

As we told you above. A few years ago it used to be an offline game in which carrom board was made of wood and gota wood. In the present times it has become an online game in which everything happens online. You have to click on the attack button to strike the striker. Everything gets done in a digital way. You cannot play this game alone. This game requires about 2 or 4 people to play.

How to play carrom board game on android smartphone ?

After reading this article today, I can claim that your childhood memories will be refreshed. All of you must be having a desire to play Carrom Board. If you also want to play online carrom board game then you do not have to worry anymore. Today a lot of online carrom games are available on the internet, you can download and play these games on your phone.

Today we will talk about a popular online carrom game. This game is the most downloaded in the Internet. Today we will tell you about the carrom game in which the graphics and animation is amazing. You can enjoy the real carrom board game by playing them.

To play Carrom board game on your phone, first of all you have to go to the phone’s Google Play Store. You have to download the Carrom Pool application from the Google Play Store.

When this application is downloaded to your phone, you have to install it. You can click on the install button to install.

After the application is installed, you have to open it.

When you open this online carrom board game application for the first time, it will ask for some permission from you. You have to approve the whole permission.

Now you will be entered in the home page of the application. You will see a lot of options in the home page.

You will see a login option on the screen. You can login with the help of Facebook or Google account. If you want to play this game with your friends, then click on the Facebook option and login.

On the screen you will see an invite friend option. You cannot play this game alone, so you will have to invite any of your friends.

After inviting the friend, you will see a tutorial page. This page will have some instructions written in it, how you can play carrom game. After reading all the information you have to click on the OK button.

Now again you will see a lot of options on the screen. Here you will see many options like team play, freestyle play. You can play a carrom game with your team by clicking on the team play option. You can play the game with your family or friends by clicking on Free Style.

Select whatever way you want to play the game. Now the game will be on your screen, you can pass your time by playing it.

The Conclusion

Today in this article we told you how to play online carrom board on your mobile? Hope you like this information. If you like this information, share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last day.

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